Feb 2024

How to Keep Our Skin Clear When Working Out

When we do our favourite QDQ workouts, we know that we are guaranteed a good sweat! Sometimes there’s no better feeling than to be absolutely dripping in sweat after pushing ourselves to our max during a workout. But what effect of this level of sweat have on our skin?

The good news is that sweat isn’t bad for your skin but quite the opposite actually. There’s a reason spas use steam rooms as a way to clean and detox the skin. When we sweat the sweat can actually help to flush out the toxins from our skin from oils to dead skin cells and debris. This is good to hear because as we know it’s not exactly possible to stop our body from sweating especially during the summer period.

However, while sweat helps to clean your skin we must also do our part to keep our skin clear. When the sweat pushes out all the toxins, we can’t rely on just this, we must also wash or cleanse our skin so that this debris doesn’t just settle back into our pores. When left on the skin for prolonged periods, it can cause irritation from the sodium, urea and lactate. Sweat can also make the skin more sensitive with some women finding a stinging sensation when they apply products after a sweaty workout session.

It’s recommended to cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser. It’s important to gently massage the product into the skin rather than rubbing harshly. Use a clean dry towel to dry your skin afterwards before gently and carefully applying the rest of your skincare routine.

While everyone’s skin is different, our goal is always the same – clear, glowy skin. Sweating is a great way to flush out the toxins but we must ensure that we can maintain this level of purity with the products we use after.

So queens, incorporate these tips into your post-QDQ-workout skincare routine and you will achieve your skin goal of looking like a glazed doughnut.


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