Jan 2024

Start 2024 strong with our ‘fit don’t quit’ challenge.

Happy 2024 Queens! We wish all of our queens a year of health, happiness and of course, QUEENING!

And what better way to celebrate the New Year than with the launch of our new ‘Fit Don’t Quit’ Challenge on Monday 8th January! This challenge has a brand new structure and is totally unlike any other challenge we’ve done before!

For this challenge Queen Maeve was hard at work to develop a style that will challenge and push her queens to be their best selves! The progressive style programme will ensure that this challenge is royally rewarding.

Weeks 1&2: ‘Commitment’ weeks will have 4 30 minute classes.

Weeks 3&4: ‘Confidence’ weeks will have 4 30-45 minute classes.

Weeks 5&6: ‘Consistency’ weeks will have 4-5 30-50 minute classes.

This challenge will get progressively harder as the classes get longer which will test our endurance and stamina while toning and strengthening. All classes will have modifications for beginners and pre/post natal so if you’re nervous about the level, don’t be! Our Queen coaches will be sure to show those modifications so everybody feels comfortable.

And of course, all classes will be available to catch up on-demand for our catch up Queens!

For those who want to do the classes but don’t necessarily want to follow this structure, we will be adding a variety of other classes to the app every week for you to create your own schedule in the planner in app.

All you will need for this challenge is your QDQ water bottle, a workout mat, your QDQ app and your Queen self. Dumbbells and resistance bands are optional and only use a weight you feel comfortable with.

So let’s get ready to absolutely smash this challenge and start 2024 strong!

Challenge starts Monday 8th Jan.

Let’s get Queening!!


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