Sep 2023

The Science of Happiness: How Exercise Boosts Your Mood

As many of our Queens Don’t Quit Queens know, there’s no better feeling than when you finish a workout, feeling the burn and feeling amazing! But what’s the correlation between exercise and our mood?

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘runners high’, this is when we have that release of endorphins during our workout that leaves us feeling happy and with a sense of achievement. It’s almost impossible to remain in a cranky or anxious mood after a workout and that’s because exercise is clinically proven to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress.

Exercise and Immunity

Exercise is proven to boost our immunity because during exercise our body can produce antibodies. This in turn makes our bodies stronger and less susceptible to illness. People who are less active and may suffer from symptoms of depression and anxiety often feel fatigue and their bodies don’t produce as many antibodies as those who are ‘happier’.

Exercise and Cortisol Levels

When we feel stressed in life, for whatever reason, the body releases the stress hormone Cortisol. A little bit of cortisol in the form of a tough workout can be good for the body but when too much is produced, as a result of constant stress or anxiety, it can weaken the bodies ability to fight illness and also reduces the bodies ability to lose weight when it’s in what seems to be a constant ‘fight or flight’ mode. Exercise is proven to reduce cortisol levels in the body which relieves that anxious feeling and leaves us happier and more relaxed.

Exercise and Anxiety

When we have an anxious mind, sometimes we can get caught in a negative thought cycle. When we exercise, it acts as a form of meditation for us, we become present in the moment of the activity we are doing whether its a walk or a Queens Don’t Quit Combat Queens class, we become focused in that moment and can break the cycle of negative thoughts. This along with the endorphin release, leaves us feeling calmer and therefore, happier.

Meditation has also been proven to promote the productions of antibodies. When we meditate we become more present in the moment and more relaxed. It’s one of the best ways to relieve ourselves of that anxious feeling or break a negative cycle of thinking. While meditation isn’t a sweaty or muscle toning workout, sometimes what we need is to slow down and nurture our bodies with meditation or yoga. Constant high-intensity training can actually put the body under stress if we don’t allow ourselves time to recover. The use of breath work and grounding, can produce endorphins that relax us and give us that happy feeling.


Exercise and Social Connections

Being part of a class group or community is a great way to exercise. Our Queens Don’t Quit Community is an amazing group that always lifts each other up, motivates and inspires each other. Along with that some amazing friendships have been created from our community forum on the app. Exercising with friends, family or a community of like-minded people who are all working out for similar reasons allows us to form friendships and lasting social connections which also helps us to feel happy and satisfied.

Exercise and Confidence

No matter the reason you have for working out, whether it’s weight-loss, to improve endurance and stamina or for mental clarity, when you workout or complete a difficult QDQ class, you feel a sense of achievement. You are able to reach a new level of fitness and strength that maybe you didn’t think possible. There’s nothing more satisfying than realising the improvements or progress you’ve made towards a goal you set, so when we reach these goals, we become more confident in ourselves as we’ve pushed past the mental limits we set on ourselves.

Luckily for all of us, the Queens Don’t Quit app offers amazing classes of all types from yoga to boxing and strength training and a community of fellow Queens who accept and motivate every new and existing queen!

Click the link to join us today!


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